Spicy Beef With Baked Potatoes

This is one of my favorites foods and i really enjoy when i cook it . Sometimes i make it with rice or something else .You can choose whatever you prefer. With baked potatoes it is more tasty i think.

Chicken Fillet with Vegetables

Fillet chicken with vegetables . You can bake it with some vegetables also if you want for a better taste .We did it with some bell peppers and it was delicious.We had some tomato and cucumber salad with a baked pepper next. It was tasty and we enjoyed it .

Chicken with baked potatoes

Simple chicken with baked potatoes .You can bake the patatoes with the chicken or in a seperate pan .we did it in a aluminium foil.Here is our way of cooking this delicius food. There is also a video in our channel with the way we make it . Do not forget to subscribe us for…